Art of the Fold – AIGA Design Week Poster

Beaux Arts Ball Posters

“Art of the Fold” was this year’s theme for the Beaux Arts Ball, the high-concept avant-garde costume party that is the closing social event for the AIGA Salt Lake Design Week. These designed promotional posters for the event exemplifying “the Fold.”

An angular typeface was selected to reinforce the architectural heritage of the Beaux Arts Ball. The simplicity of the black and white emphasized the folds and made those angles the most important element in the poster design.

The elaborately folded costume that enveloped the model further emphasised the idea of folds and inspired attendees to get creative with their costumes ideas.

The goal of this project was to create a branded execution for a single night’s event that illustrated the nights theme and enticed people to come party.

The audience was primarily architects, designers, and artists. However, the general public was welcome to come to the event.

The primary issue was to create awareness and stand out from the other events during design week as the premier event.

Since the theme of the Beaux Arts Ball was “Art of the Fold” this poster needed to encapsulate and communicate that process. Also, one of the main groups of patrons were architects and so physical dimension became the desired aspect to strengthen the visual communication. Thus, we came up with scoring the poster to create multiple facets that lined up creating a physical and architectural element to the poster design. This 3-dimensional quality also helped the triptych of posters stand out from the sea of other marketing materials displayed during design week. We also took it a step further and came up with a custom costume design for the model in the photograph using various folded paper. The overall design was minimal, clean and purposely void of color to allow each element of the design to speak clearly.

Art Director – Shawn Hansen

Model – Raisa Kuddus

Photographer & Creative Director – Adam J. Wester