8 Things a Designer Should Be

Yolo, design like there is no tomorrow!

Be Aware of Design Trends

It’s important to understand what other designers are doing to stand out. Following other’s work will often land you on a new idea or help make you aware of a new trend that you can follow or break away from. 

Being familiar with how the design industry is progressing helps you attract the clients you want, learn new techniques and ultimately, become a reputable expert. 

At Render, we are constantly educating ourselves to be a valuable support to our clients, building their trust in us as professionals that provide solutions. We are creating this blog to share our knowledge and experience as critical thinkers and visual communicators.


Be a Risk-Taker

Most of the time, a client is hiring you to come up with something innovative, something that has never been done before. A way for them to stand out. 

The WOW factor is not achieved by doing what everyone else is doing. 

Render is passionate about helping clients create a comprehensive experience catered toward their specific needs. First and foremost, it’s about achieving the clients goal, and then breaking the rules in smart ways to deliver a message that connects with their audience.


Be a Brand

Create ways for people remember you. Something you are known for, even if it is something like ‘Render has the most uniquely designed Christmas cards every year’ or ‘that company designs websites that are fresh and dynamic.’ 

Don’t be the designer who creates a brand for everybody but themselves. Create your own story!


Be a Client’s Go-To

It is rare to hear about a client who complained about quality work that was done quickly and efficiently.

If you are already working in the world of design, you have a passion for creativity and therefore, it is more natural for you to come up with new ideas. Trust your instincts, be bold and don’t take too much time. If it pops, if it is different, if it has never been done before, then it has power and value. If you can master these things, and get the job done in a timely and effective manner, you will become the client’s go-to. 

What do you think the chances of retaining a client are when your excellent design also helps them make their deadline with time to spare? 


Be a Listener

Clients often don’t understand your vision, because design is not their field of expertise. 

For example, have you ever been disappointed because you told someone exactly what you wanted for Christmas and they then got you something completely different and unrelated? It happens too often in the design world. 

Take the time to listen to the client’s entire idea without interruptions or allowing your own ideas to dominate. Good design is about problem solving not just “Making it look pretty”. As designers, we combine creativity and critical thinking to solve problems with unique solutions. 


Be a Communicator

Once you complete a project, arrange a meeting to fully explain what you did and why you did it. Don’t leave room for interpretation when it comes to pleasing a client. 

Clients want to hear why a certain design direction appeals to their target market and how it is better than their competition. They will be more accepting and excited about your work if they fully understand your thought process. This is critical because it is through educating your client about your critical thought process, and how that lead to the solution, that your idea is sold. At Render, we are more than designers. We are critical thinkers first and visual communicators second. 


Be a Consultant 

Your designs have both perceived value and real value to a business. Discussing specific data relating to your client’s particular business goes a long way. Not only will they know you took the time to do your homework, but this will qualify your design and helps to ensure it’s success. 

Deepening your understanding of their business gives you more credibility over other designers and can be the factor that keeps clients coming back. Backing-up your design with relevant analytics shows them that you’re worth what they are paying for. 


Be out there 

Designers should not be afraid to promote their work. If you expect a client to promote their products and services, why wouldn’t you do the same?

After a client launches a design or campaign, your own marketing plan should be the next priority. Utilize your website, social media and other outlets to get your name out there and to receive feedback and new opportunities. Be confident that your work is worth sharing! The more your name gets out there, the more you will stick in the minds of current and future clients. 


Don’t just be a designer, be the designer everyone wants to work with!